Olivia’s unique and diverse talents - creativity, intelligence, perceptiveness, messaging precision, and even dramatic voiceover skills - enable the entire SMS team to deliver with excellence. She has an uncanny ability to connect the dots and lead others in weaving the perfect story that wins customer and sales team hearts and minds. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her willingness to jump in and contribute in many different areas is both welcome and impactful. Olivia elevates our collective game!


Olivia has a unique role on the SMS team as our only copywriter. She is revered much more than a team member who creates content. She is a coach to all of us. Over the past year Olivia has guided the strategic direction on several of Oracle's top 100 deals as she thoughtfully and intentionally captures the essence of a brand. She is helping coach transformation at Oracle by bringing brands back to the forefront.


Olivia has become the heart and center of focused communication for our team. In my role as the resource alignment contact in SMS, I get more requests for Olivia on deals than any other member of our team. Her innate ability to refine and craft clarity of thought as well as inspired, motivating, differentiating themes is unmatched. Olivia brings an energy of teamwork and collaboration into every deal she impacts for SMS.


In this last one year my admiration for what Olivia does for this company, for our team, and personally for me has grown exponentially and continues to grow every day. She is a champion of words and yet there is one word that I have never heard from her and that word is 'NO". She always says 'YES" no matter the ask, no matter the time. Olivia goes above and beyond always. But more important than what she does is the impact she has had on all of us, our org, and the company. She makes us better, inspires us every day, and last but not the least, helps us win more deals! I have no doubt she is going to achieve great success and I see she has already been performing at the next level consistently.


Olivia cuts through the meaning and intention of our strategic messaging and distills it into choice words and phrases that help us clearly communicate to our audiences. You truly can’t find better VO talent in the entire Oracle campus. Olivia knocks it out the park each and every time. The speed and depth in which Olivia is learns is inspiring to me.